AIHT Centers for Excellence (CEs) are dynamic environments built around the needs of the patient, their family, and the community. AIHT CEs strongly support the creation of new and innovative partnerships and networks that engage, transform, personalize, and enhance the provision of health care for multiple populations in the African region across the entire spectrum of medical disciplines.

AIHT CEs promote new healthcare paradigms, support healthcare professionals, and empower patients, while establishing a strong interconnection between them. AIHT CEs strengthen the capacity and capability of healthcare providers and health-related institutions, bringing them to a new level of awareness, understanding and management, and offer a multi-disciplinary approach for diagnosis and treatments.

AIHT CEs, in conjunction with its local, national, and international partners, focus on Research &Development, and continuous intelligent knowledge transfer via multiple technology based formats. These services are provided to healthcare personnel, patients, and the general public.

AIHT CEs are created in keeping with the vision and mission of improving the quality of life across the African region by providing equal access to the highest-end healthcare services via novel seamless integrated health care systems, medical innovations, and leading technologies.