Intelligent Cognitive Medical Computing Centre for Excellence (AIHTSagam ICMC CE)

AIHTSagam ICMC CE is in the process of developing the very first medical bioengineering translational site - a research center model of cognitive health computing for the African region. The AIHTSagam ICMC CE further advances its vision of providing personalized healthcare to all populations via: newly developed, diagnostic, preventative programs, cognitive analytics of large health data, new models of patients care and treatment approaches.

AIHTSagam ICMC CE will employ cognitive technologies for the creation of: a scalable, consistent, evidence based platform, systems in management of diseases, new ways for clinicians to deliver innovative and potentially life-saving services. The cognitive platform systems provide physicians with multiple types of procedures and protocols, support increased collaboration among teams, help identify new targets for research and provide data to assist in assigning appropriate treatments.

AIHTSagam ICMC CE cognitive systems promote understanding, reasoning, and learning with consequential translation of information into knowledge while supporting healthcare providers in their decision-making process. These cognitive next generation systems will analyze more data than ever conceived and enable the formation of strategies for most effective delivery of preventative, curative and rehabilitative health services.