AIHTSagam's Virtual Arm



AIHTSagam VA-IMIENS is an innovative cognitive health intelligent system that provides highly effective mobile solutions for deployment of health services in real time 24/7, regardless of geographical location.

Live sessions, meetings, and presentations are recorded and archived for review at any time from anywhere 24/7, providing health care workers opportunities to share techniques and review protocols with designated consultative medical teams locally, nationally, and internationally.

AIHTSagam VA-IMIENS intelligent engine is comprised of the following interfaces:

  • e-Consulting for all health providers and patients locally, nationally, and internationally 24/7. A dynamic approach engaging pre-determined experts to support health care workers in bringing the most effective solutions in prevention, Diagnosis, and treatment of multiple health related conditions.
  • e-Recording offering the health care provider the ability to record all of the elements of the eConsult including all the interactions between the health care provider and the patient during the virtual visit. This system provides computerized real time assistance with clinical decision making, all based on the established and proven local and medical management protocols.
  • e-Grand Rounds presented in a variety of multiple delivery formats, utilizing the highest-end multimedia tools. Pre-¬≠designated cases are presented in real time from any geographical location within a virtual conference room to be further reviewed in interactive teaching rooms within the platform. It enables the participation of physicians, all health care providers, and specialists from a wide spectrum of medical disciplines to share, review, examine, and contribute to the decision-making process within a broad range of treatments and procedures.
  • e-Analysis enables immediate access to data generated in real time during eConsults stored in a secured central environment, and available for a range of critical statistics from anywhere at any time 24/7.
  • e-Learning allows access to both archived and real time educational lectures with materials ranging all medical topics that address the needs of the health workers, patients, and communities .
  • e-Notify offers intelligent modes of mobile communications such as; notification of medical professional events, available innovative programs, medical updates, upcoming meetings and conferences, and all pertinent applied services for health care providers, patients, and communities.
  • e-Radiology allows for remote access to, and exchange of, digital radiographs and x-rays, and implementation of centralized review, follow-ups and immediate remote notifications of findings.